Truckvan’s Service Mobile Units are focused on offering public services and information from many City Departments, with convenience and easiness for the citizens who live far from major city centers.

The models are equipped with meeting rooms and a small kitchen to be used by the public servants and room for many tellers, easily accessible, and waiting area.

Truckvan’s Mobile Bank Agencies allow carrying out all banking operations of a regular bank agency in places where there are no actual bank agencies, making it easier for the population and contributing to the economy of very small regions.

In addition, the mobile agencies are great strategic tool for the banks, because they mean better service to their clients at busier times. They also allow banks to offer services at exhibitions and events and also at medium-size companies where it is not possible to have a fixed agency.

Every Mobile Unit includes service rooms and teller Windows, safe and external room for the placement of ATMs.

The Broadcasting Mobile Units were designed for radio and TV companies and efficiently deal with a major problem faced by broadcasting stations that provide live broadcasting, in special in relation to major events, such as shows and soccer matches: the transportation of a considerable amount of cables, cords, floodlights and generators, among other equipment.

These units are fully adjusted to support filming outside the studio and that require major structures, by providing specific partitions to shelter the many diverse pieces of equipment used when filming outside the studio.

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