Food Trucks



With 24 years of experience in customizing vehicles for various areas, Truckvan began investing in food trucks in May 2014, when the law regulating the street food business was approved by the City of São Paulo. The company has delivered more than 80 food trucks.

Truckvan Differentials:

• Experience of 25 years in vehicle customization

• Wide factory structure

• Team of specialists in engineering, electrical, hydraulic and mechanical, to manufacture food trucks according to the need of each customer

• Lower delivery time of the market: average of 60 consecutive days, after approval of the executive project by the client

• Negotiation flexibility:
– BNDES card (up to 48x)
– Credit card (up to 6x)
– Bank slip (up to 5x)
– Minimum entry to cash: 40% of the value of the cash

• All Truckvan food trucks have a sound sensor system that detects any type of gas leak

• All projects have TRN (technical responsibility note), which guarantees to society that the food truck was developed by a qualified professional, following all safety standards, sanitary surveillance and good practices

• Technical assistance anywhere in Brazil

Truckvan Cases
In addition to producing the mobile kitchens that were used for the first and second seasons of the GNT channel’s Food Truck – The Battle show, Truckvan made the reform of the Samuca’s Dog caravan into the Lata Velha painting of the Cauldron of the Huck, and has made available its own unit for the Feed Truck project, in a social action, fruit of the partnership between the Africa Rio agency and the NGO Make The Smile, which brought food to the homeless in Rio de Janeiro. The company also transformed an original two-story English bus from 1965, the only model in Brazil, into a mobile diner, Busger 2.


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