In the segment of Mobile Units for events, Truckvan considers the specific needs of every client. This way, it can deliver from a headquarter for the show staff to exclusive spaces such as highly equipped dressing rooms and home offices. In addition to being practical and incredibly effective, they add technology and innovation to every segment. They can be quickly assembled and disassembled and have an exclusive differential: they can be carried to wherever you want.

The Mobile Units for quick rental have room for stages and extra room, operationally and aesthetically designed to accommodate artists, celebrities and politicians, as well as production teams at festivals, events, shows, backstage and any event that requires additional, practical and self-sufficient infrastructure.

Truckvan’s Production and Events’ Department Features:

The Mobile Dressing Room is seven-meter long; it has acclimatization and its own generator, VIP bathroom with shower, comfortable furniture, LED TV, home theater, wine rack, mini-fridge-bar, bar supplies and mini microwave.

The JetBus is a 7.2-meter-long high-end microbus. It has nearly 12 m² of useful area and comes with 4 armchairs (two of which are massage-armchairs), two couches, two 32” and 50” LED TVs, one PlayStation 3 videogame, two minibars, one bar, one wine rack, one coffeemaker and other entertainment equipment, such as Apple TV, which allows reproducing on TV everything there is on a computer, iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.

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