Produced by Truckvan Vigor Logistics Health,  Mobile Unit Ready Service Itinerant (MURSI) is a cart with full support for polymodal activities, with main focus on prompt medical attention, with outpatient area, waiting room, red room for severe cases and any health structure.

According to the medical director of the company, Jorge Vigorito, the project has the purpose of replacing medical posts in events, works, industries, among other places. “Instead of setting up a health center, which demands time, cost, legislation, people and a very large structure, we provide, in a few minutes, all the necessary structure that a health station needs in our cart, which has a hydraulic system for opening a stage door, “he revealed, adding that MURSI can be used for other segments.

“The cart can still be used and adapted for conducting lectures, courses and as a mobile office. The rooms are fully flexible and can be altered according to the interest of the contractor. It is worth remembering that the whole cart is heated and respects all the standards of accessibility and technical responsibility, “added Jorge.

MURSI is a daring, high-investment project that had the copyrights registered by Vigor Logistic in Health, because there is no such thing in the world. “Our project offers, with total security and mobility, the possibility of serving several segments in other states and reducing the cost of companies that need to set up a medical post or a traveling action,” Jorge said.

The polymodal cart was launched at the Sertões Rally 2017 event, the second largest off road event in the world that took place between the 18th and 27th of August.

MURSI also provides a space for companies, brands and product flags to publicize their brand. “We have a marketing space in our cart, where interested companies can place their ads with quotas according to the spaces available since the cart is also a mobile billboard.”

One of the areas of performance designed by the company is the medical service at gas stations for truck drivers and road hauliers. “Various medical and social services will be made available for the category, enabling a better quality of life and consequently adding value to the entrepreneurial brand that offers this service,” concluded Jorge.


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