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Produced by Truckvan for Manaus Prefecture, 04 Mobile Basic Health Units (Mobile BHU) were delivered officialy in March 18th, 2020.

The trucks were integrated into the municipal network, increasing the number of services per month by more than 18 thousand.


The new service is a strategy to meet the health needs and priorities of citizens who reside in areas of expansion of the city or of social vulnerability, considering the epidemiological, demographic and socioeconomic dimensions, that is, they will work in areas of empty care – where they will not there is a physical service structure – but they can also act in situations where there is excess demand.

The expansion of coverage of Basic Health Unit in Manaus is one of the main commitments provided for in the Manaus Municipal Health Plan 2018-2021, in order to ensure the population full access to quality actions and services, in a timely manner, thus contributing for the improvement of health conditions.

“It is another innovative project carried out under Mayor Arthur’s administration and which will enable us to expand health coverage, especially at a time like this, with the new coronavirus pandemic. Our teams are prepared to assist anyone with flu symptoms, following the entire protocol established by the municipal, state and Ministry of Health Health Surveillance. We reinforce the request for everyone to avoid crowding, to stay at home and, thus, protect their health and of other people”, said the secretary of Semsa, Marcelo Magaldi.

Fight againt the new coronavirus

The structures of the new Basic Mobile Health Units and their professionals are also prepared to attend to and direct possible cases of the new coronavirus.

Text – Jacira Oliveira / Semcom

Photo – Alex Pazuello / Semcom

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