Semi-trailer with movable floor



Attention to the needs of the market, Truckvan developed a Semi-trailer with movable floor equipped and a tilting door with hydraulic activation for transporting biomass, such as wood chips, sugarcane bagasse, corn on the cob, trash, recyclable, generally bulky and bulk loads .

“The differential of Truckvan in relation to what already exists in the market is that we produce the complete equipment, from the base of the chassis to the box of load and installation of the mobile floor”, emphasizes Luiz Carlos Cunha Junior, commercial director of Truckvan.

The mobile floor provides the horizontal discharge without the need of any auxiliary device and has the capacity to transport up to 40 tons of material, which generates a reduction of cost and an expressive agility in the delivery.

“The mobile floor discharges, on average, a 15-meter cart in 12 minutes,” explains Michel Schröder, executive of the company Hyva, responsible for manufacturing this mechanism.


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