Super Truck



With the goal of engaging diverse sectors of society to provide a healthier future for new generations, Nestlé has launched the United for Healthier Children project, which has promoted activities to encourage behavior change that has a positive impact on children’s health .

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Among the actions created by the agency TUDO, highlight the Super Truck, a mobile kitchen studio developed by Truckvan, which took this name in reference to a passion of children: superheroes, a theme present throughout the campaign.

“Inside the truck, gastronomy professionals had the whole structure to prepare and teach healthy recipes in a fun and playful way for mothers to do for their children, stimulating new eating habits against childhood obesity,” explains the director of the Department of Production and Events of Truckvan, Lia Braga.

In addition to the kitchen equipment, the mobile unit was equipped with Ultra HD technology, which made it possible for the public to see in detail the preparation of food on an exposed TV next to the vehicle.

The project started on June 13, 2015, with the implementation of a pilot phase, which lasted four months in São José do Rio Pardo, in the interior of São Paulo, where Nestlé has a factory, and passed through the main public points of the municipality and, in a second moment, can be taken to other cities of Brazil.



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