Produced by Truckvan SABESP, the mobile unit was inaugurated at the 27th edition of Fenasan (National Sanitation Fair), which took place at Expo Center Norte, in São Paulo, in August 2016.

The truck works as an interactive laboratory and has a cinema that promotes a “360 degree journey” to show the course of the water from its formation, through the rains, to the capture and forwarding to the treatment plants and the clients house, besides interactive games.

Inside the cart, it is possible to get acquainted with the fun and playful way. The 360 degree experience, called the Water Journey, is similar to the 180 degree movie theaters and promotes incredible immersion in an environment with LED panels. At that moment, the water path and everything that permeates the theme is demonstrated, understanding how the processes of water treatment and sewage are made. Then, in a small laboratory, you can receive explanations of how the water cycle and its evaporation work, cloud formation, rainfall, and river, lake, dam, and spring flow.

Subsequently, with a sample of water, monitors clarify how the analysis and control of water quality at Sabesp is performed, as well as verifying the various types of frauds carried out in water meters and guidance on the problems of committing the crime and how to report it .


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