Roda Viva Food Truck



Produced on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter model chassis, Roda Viva Food Truck is the first food truck developed by Truckvan for the state of Pará and promises to be very successful in Altamira (PA) serving a menu of great quality such as pasta and handmade burgers, with affordable price.

“We chose Truckvan because it is the largest manufacturer of mobile units in Brazil and because we liked the Calçada and the two that the company did for the reality TV Food Truck, A Batalha,” says Ivete Pereira, one of next to Jadson Albuquerque

According to Albuquerque, the name of the itinerant cuisine is an homage to the famous music of Chico Buarque. “Many people relate this song to the time of the dictatorship, but we want to bring the other side of it, freedom, joy,” explains the Paraense.

In addition, the name refers to the segment of street food. “It has everything to do with food truck because it has the term Car wheel, restaurant on wheels, and Viva for being itinerant, not to stay dead, stopped,” Ivete jokes.

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