Penetra Food Truck



Produced by Truckvan, the Penetra Food Truck is from Guaratinguetá (SP), a city located in the Vale do Paraiba region, 178 km from the capital São Paulo.

The mobile diner offers handmade burgers and specialty snacks, such as salmon sandwiches and shitake hamburger, among others.

“Our flagship is the Penetrates Burger: Burger 160 grams of breast skirt steak with provolone, pepperoni and a special seasoning,” said Rodrigo Lencioni.

To realize the dream of having his own business and presenting his culinary gifts, Rodrigo had the support of his father Rinaldo de Menezes Lencioni, former manager of a telephone company that also operates and manages the itinerant cuisine.

The two researched a lot and decided to invest in a food truck because of the mobility and flexibility that the business model provides.

“We know several manufacturers and chose the Truckvan for its ample structure, quality, service and concern that the company has to follow all safety rules, giving us a well-organized folder with ARTS  (Technical Responsibility Notes) of mechanical, electrical and gas from our food truck, “concludes the 50-year-old entrepreneur.

The Penetra Food Truck is the second model produced by Truckvan for the Vale do Paraíba region. The first was the Wafeels Good Truck, which is making a lot of success in São José dos Campos.

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