Pastelaria Kina



Produced by Truckvan, the Kina Pastelaria food truck has security cameras installed on the cabin and inside the chest that capture the images.

The mobile unit is equipped with three fryers, stove, vertical through pass cooled with two openings to facilitate the production flow, vertical refrigerator and two freezers, one with cold track, and an installed 32-inch TV in the the vehicle to display the menu.

Another differential of the food truck of Araçatuba is its size, superior to the similar models. “We set up the food truck on a dual-chassis Iveco Daily 55C17 chassis and extended the wheel spacers to meet the needs of the customer, who needed plenty of space. That way, the aluminum chest was 5 meters long and 12 m² in area, “explains Romulo Jesus, head of Truckvan’s food trucks business.

In addition to super-equipped, the Pastel Truck has retractable awnings on both sides.


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