High Observation Plataform (HOP)



Provided to the Extraordinary Department of Security for Major Events (SESGE), of the Department of Justice, 22 Mobile Units with High Observation Plataform (HOP) strengthened security during the 2014 World Cup, helping local police officers to monitor the surroundings of the stadiums of the 12 Host Cities and events related to the Cup, such as Fifa Fan Fests.

After the competition, the HOPs remained at the disposal of the Departments of Public Security and are being used by local enforcement agencies at major events, such as manifestations and celebrations.

The HOP Mobile Unit comprises a monitoring system of medium range images comprising 14 face recognition technology cameras going as far as 3 km of distance. The observation system is placed in a 15-meter-height telescopic pole covered by an automated hatch.

Besides that technology, the vehicles also have Wi-Fi and mesh networks (via radio), which enable visualizing the images within a 500-meter distance radius, and it is possible to send data to the Local Integrated Control Centers (CICCR) in real time through mobile technology devices, such as tablets and cell phones.


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