News Truck CBN Campinas



In order to get closer to the population and listen to their demands to charge the responsible authorities by offering a public utility service, Rádio CBN Campinas invested in a mobile studio of Truckvan.

“The mobile unit has all the technical conditions of a radio studio, with the advantage of mobility, to enable us to transmit live local programming from any part of our region to an estimated universe of six million people from 60 cities” , emphasizes the director of journalism of the station, Marco Massiarelli.

According Massiarelli, the idea of “food truck news” appeared in late 2013, when the Radio CBN Campinas started the partnership with Truckvan. “We have rented the Truckvan mobile unit on a number of occasions and, as we feel the receptivity of the population, we have decided to acquire a new vehicle, fully adapted to meet our needs.”


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