With the goal of bringing the Olympic spirit to the five regions of the country and prepare the population for the world’s largest sporting event, the Bradesco Seguros Group, sponsor and official insurer of the Rio 2016 Games, promotes from the 30th of April the Itinerant Museum Prepares Brazil – The Way of the Sport until Rio de Janeiro.

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Produced by Truckvan, the largest manufacturer of mobile units in Brazil, two 15-meter wagons will pass through 45 cities nationwide until July 31 to present a free exhibition on wheels, with more than 100 pieces from the International Olympic Committee ( IOC), the Brazilian Olympic Committee (COB) and the Rio 2016 Games Committee, as well as private collections.

Together, the vehicles will travel about 30,000 kilometers in two different itineraries and will meet in August in Rio de Janeiro, where the Museum Itinerant Prepares Brazil will be exposed during the Olympic and Paralympic Games Rio 2016 in the Olympic Boulevards Parque Madureira and Porto Maravilha .

“The Museum Itinerant Prepares Brazil  will take some of the Olympic and Paralympic Games to those who can not attend the biggest world sporting event in Rio de Janeiro and still leave a legacy of Olympic knowledge that could stimulate new talent for the future of the sport in the country” , says Alexandre Nogueira, Director of the Bradesco Seguros Group. “We support the ideals of the Olympic and Paralympic Games and we are proud of our role of being able to collaborate so that the Rio 2016 Games become a memorable experience for the whole of Brazil.”

Divided into five sections – “History”, “Sports”, “Brazilian History”, “Curiosities” and “Rio 2016” – The itinerant Museum Prepares Brazil presents pieces that depict all editions of the Olympic Games of the Modern Era.

Among the objects are the replicas of the silver and bronze medals of the Athens Olympic Games in 1896 and the letter of the Baron de Coubertin, creator of the Olympic Games of the Modern Era, in which he appeared for the first time in 1913 the image of the Olympic rings; Olympic torches, pictograms and medals of various editions; as well as images of Brazilian and international athletes, among them the Brazilian shooting team at the Antwerp Games in 1920, the first time that the country played the sporting event. There are also themed videos and interactive totems.

According to Maria Eugênia Saturni, Director of Base7 – company responsible for the curator of the Itinerant Museum Prepares Brazil – one of the most interesting points of the project, which makes it innovative, is that the Museum goes to the public.

“The goal is to provide an environment where the public understands the significance of the Olympic and Paralympic Games and has access to a rich and insightful historical heritage. Each part of the exhibition brings a memory. Through them it is possible to apprehend technological development, social achievements, historical moments and cultural manifestations of the most diverse. All this has as a thread the sport and the emotion it arouses in people “, emphasizes Maria Eugênia.

The athletes-ambassadors Bradesco Seguros Giba and Leila, Olympic medalists, will be present in some cities to interact with the public, as well as the mascots of the Rio 2016 Games, Vinicius and Tom, and Team Brazil, Ginga.

The Itinerant Museum Prepares Brazil is sponsored by the Bradesco Seguros Group and the Ministry of Culture. The initiative has the design of the Gael agency and curation of Base7 Cultural Projects.


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