Manufactured by Truckvan, the leading wheel solutions company, the HACKATRUCK is a 15 meter long school truck with expandable sides that, when extended, transform it into a 72 square meter classroom equipped with tables, tablets, notebooks, four large televisions and a 3D printer. The project aims to train about 500 students from 11 Higher Education Institutions of Information Technology (IT) distributed throughout several regions of Brazil.

The HACKATRUCK project is designed by IBM Brazil and Flextronics, with execution of the Eldorado Research Institute and in collaboration with Apple, and, for 10 months, will be traveling  around Campinas (SP), São Paulo (SP), Salvador (BA), Brazil. Rio de Janeiro (RJ), Sorocaba (SP), Recife (PE), Fortaleza (CE), Belo Horizonte (MG), Curitiba (PR), São José dos Campos (SP) and Brasília (DF).

“It is the first project we developed with an advance room with tinted windows capable of receiving quality images of four projectors fixed to the ceiling of the unit,” says Marcos Rodrigues, sales and application engineering manager at Truckvan.

Within the traveling laboratory, the Eldorado Institute instructors develop professional training activities, focusing on the SWIFT language for iOS. In addition to the course, participants attend workshops on startups and entrepreneurship and have contact with technological innovations such as 3D printer and augmented reality glasses, among others.

According to Rodrigues, HACKATRUCK was a great challenge for Truckvan and represents how unlimited the company is and develops projects according to the needs of each customer. “We had to adapt the electrical infrastructure to meet all the requirements, including installing a battery-powered nobreak for at least 12 hours of operation that ensures power to the unit’s surveillance camera system,” he says.

About the HACKATRUCK project

Maintained by the computer law, HACKATRUCK is a professional training project for students of Higher Education Institutions of Information Technology, SWIFT programming for iOS platform and lectures on technological innovations and IT careers.

HACKATRUCK is designed by IBM Brazil and Flextronics, with execution of the Eldorado Research Institute and in collaboration with Apple. The initiative also has the following supporters: Editora Abril through Exame magazine, Epson with projectors and glasses for virtual reality; Pelco with security cameras; Sebrae with lectures on incubators and startups; Sethi 3D with 3D printers; and Unifor with career software. To learn more about the project and follow the schedule, visit the website:


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