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On June 18, 2018, IBM Brazil officially inaugurated the second phase of Hackatruck, the company’s educational project, which has the support of Apple and Flex, and execution of the Eldorado Institute. In this second trip, the Mobile Unit produced by Truckvan will go through 11 universities located end to end of Brazil and will aim to train students of courses related to information technology on IoT (Internet of Things). This time, the truck will work as a “makerspace”, that is, a space where students can create and develop prototypes of projects related to the theme.


The Internet of Things is rapidly becoming popular in the Brazilian market. With great potential for growth, it has attracted more and more professionals and students in the area. According to data from the IDC consultancy, IoT is expected to move US $ 8 billion in Brazil this year. The main investments in technology must start from sectors such as health, industry, agriculture and urban infrastructure.

The course offered by IBM is free of charge and is 6 weeks long, with a 120 hour workload. During this period, students selected for classes will be proficient in the Swift programming language for iOS, will use advanced development methodologies (DevOps, Agile, Scrum and Design Thinking) and Internet technologies of Things. In addition, all participants will be able to develop prototypes of their ideas. This year, students will be challenged to create projects related to seven topics of great importance for society: Health, Education, Industry 4.0, Retail, Safety, Urban Mobility and Sustainability. In addition to the official grid, there will be lectures on new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing and Blockchain, and IT careers.

In the first phase of the project, held between September 2014 and December 2017, Hackatruck covered more than 48,000 km and passed through 10 universities in all regions of the country. About 4 thousand students attended classes and workshops. “It is our mission to help empower future professionals in new technologies so that they reach the market well prepared to innovate and meet the demands of companies. Hackatruck is a very important project in this sense and the results of the first phase make us very happy and engaged to launch a new edition “, says Carlos Hopf, Leader of Educational Partnerships and Research and Development of IBM Brazil.

Itinerary and inscriptions

The second phase of the Hackatruck Makerspace will be held between May and December of this year and will go through six universities in the South, Southeast and Midwest regions. The truck’s arrival dates at the other five universities will be announced later.

PUC Campinas (SP): May 2 to June 8;

Catholic University of Brasília (DF): June 25 to August 3;

PUC-PR (Curitiba / PR): August 7 to September 18;

PUC-RS (Porto Alegre / RS): September 24 to November 7;

Unichapeco (Chapecó / SC): November 12-30;

Unicesumar (Maringá / PR): December 3 to 21.

Those interested in participating in Hackatruck must be students of partner institutions and must complete a distance learning course available on the project website. The participants with the best score will be selected for the in-class lessons in the school truck. For more information, visit

About Hackatruck
Hackatruck is an IBM Brazil project of professional training for IT university students. Led by IBM Brazil, the project is supported by Flex and Apple, executing the Eldorado Research Institute and partnering with Epson, Bosch, Dremel, Engraver, Norion, Rexhoth and Truckvan. The initiative seeks to put students in touch with new technologies and stimulate innovation in the academic field.

Source: IBM Press Room



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