In order  to rescue the self-esteem of women undergoing chemotherapy, the force in Wig program, created by the Bow Rose Foundation for vocational training peruqueiros, decided to expand its reach to five Brazilian cities through a mobile unit produced by Truckvan, supporter from the project. The school truck made its debut in Curitiba (PR) on July 14, 2017. In addition to Truckvan and the Australian government, the action was possible thanks to the support of the campaign #fortalizese (#becomestrengthened), idealized by Exímia, business unit of FQM pharmacology, and held in partnership with the Brazilian Society of Dermatology (SBD).

“This project will make people feel unlimited because they will offer everything they need to develop their skills: self-esteem, entrepreneurship and professional qualification,” said Alcides Braga, managing partner of Truckvan.

In addition to enabling  the delivery of wigs to more patients, the program will train 100 new professionals through Brazil to make the accessory.

“The Force in the Wig is an unprecedented national program designed to benefit the whole chain. Patients receiving a new accessory; learn a new profession and experience solidarity in practice; NGOs to form a network of solidarity peasants; donors to understand that hair donation goes beyond the cut and civil society to get emotional with the whole process. “, Celebrates the volunteer president of Laço Rosa, Marcelle Medeiros.


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