Food Truck Truckvan



Customized on the chassis of a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vehicle, Truckvan’s own food truck is equipped with plate, 4-burner stove, fryer, refrigerated counter, sinks and counter with space for cooler, which allows the preparation of menus varied.

“In addition to renting for agencies, renowned cooks and partners, our food truck has also been used by entrepreneurs who want to have experiences in this segment to know if they will be able to adapt to the market that is extremely busy and needs agility in service and quality in food “says Lia Braga, director of Truckvan’s Production and Events Department.

The model has a system with sound sensor that detects any type of gas leakage, besides having TRN (technical responsibility note), which guarantees to the society that the food truck was developed by a qualified professional, following all safety standards, health surveillance and good practice.

The unit can be adhesive according to the visual identity of each customer.

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