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Food trucks fell in the taste of the Brazilian and encouraged many entrepreneurs to invest in business on wheels for various areas. Proof of this is that Truckvan has received requests for quotes from bakeries, barbershops, enamels, pet shops, wineries and even a tattoo studio. Those who decided to bet on this mobile segment were Victória Romano, 22, and Jonas Muniz, 23 years old. Fashion Students, from FAAP (SP), the two decided to invest in a make-up salon and created the Hey Pretty Fashion Truck.

“We researched a lot, we went to 8 factories, one in Paraná, we even thought about giving up, but then we met Truckvan and when we saw the structure of you and talked to Lia and Bruna we were sure we would do it with you, the only company that really understood what we wanted and did according to what we always dreamed of, “Victoria points out.

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With a predominantly pink look, both on the outside and in the interior decoration with vanity, chair and shelves of exhibition, the mobile unit offers products of own manufacture destined to the feminine beauty, like maquillage, creams, lipsticks, pigments, shade, mascara, moisturizers and several items whose prices range from $ 32 to $ 75.

“What stimulated us was the possibility of having a much more direct contact with our consumers and being part of their moment of leisure, being present at parties, events and fairs, circulating in different places and showing our products to more girls, which makes it all very fun, “Victoria says.

To request the services and know where the mobile beauty salon will be, follow the @heyprettybr digital channels on Facebook and Instagram.


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