In order to revive  the Portuguese Language Museum and to encourage the culture and art of the Portuguese speaking countries, Truckvan has developed a Mobile Unit for EDP, a company that operates in the areas of generation, distribution, transmission and energy solutions. The interactive exhibition on wheels “Energia da Língua Portuguesa” was officially inaugurated on July 22, 2017.

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Using the mobile structure of a truck, the exhibition has a total of 300 square meters and allows visitors to know more about Portuguese speaking countries, the peculiarities and differences of Portuguese spoken in Brazil and Portugal and curiosities about common expressions of this language, considered the fifth most spoken in the world and the most used in the southern hemisphere.

Museum of Portuguese Language

In São Paulo, the restoration works of the Museum of the Portuguese Language are at full steam. The inauguration is scheduled for 2019. The collection, the intangible patrimony of language, is still celebrated with activities such as the itinerant project, which will display pictures and information about the reconstruction of the Museum. EDP Brasil, as sponsor Master of the restoration, is investing R $ 20 million in three years. “The Energy of the Portuguese Language” also presents content developed in partnership with the Roberto Marinho Foundation.

Clean energy

Clean energy will be present with the use of photovoltaic solar panels on the truck’s roof. LED panels are also planned throughout the exhibition, noting that the action aims to highlight the importance of preserving natural resources and the benefits of efficient use of energy.


The interior space of the itinerant Project has several fun and interactive activities with the Portuguese language:

‘Manifest’: In the entrance, it will be exposed on the wall like a carpet and will reveal all the actions that will happen in the truck.

‘The Portuguese Language in the World, Live the energy of being there’: Visitors will know the ten nations that speak the Portuguese language through the culture of each one. In a 360 ° display, countries can be ‘visited’. On the ground, like a rose of the winds, there will be the name of each country and, on the wall, pictures and curious expressions of them.

‘Timeline Brazil X Portugal’: In this station the visitor will have the opportunity to know more about famous poems of the two countries, with access to the information of the authors, date, style, among other curiosities.

‘Acta Generator’: The visitor can dub parts of poems with an accent that they choose: Portugal or other states of Brazil and share in their social networks

‘A Language Full of Energy and History’: will show and explain the meaning of expressions we use every day: seven-headed animal; the walls have ears; put your hand in the fire and so many others.

‘Handwriting to handwriting’ : the visitor will have to spell words from our language, randomly selected by a vending machine. If you get it, you get a freebie.

‘EDP and the Museum of the Portuguese Language’: From the Portuguese Language Museum, to Flip, from Flip to the Museum. A panel installed inside the truck will bring photos and information about the reconstruction of the Museum.3

‘Recite your Poem’: To get out of the truck, we will have the guests reciting a poem. These fragments will become a video that will be posted on EDP’s social networks.

External area

The activities of the external area will promote cover face with covers of books, production of exclusive poster with the favorite literary quote of the visitor, reading environment with bookcase stuffed with books, puffs and chairs and light painting – with the support of a light, the participants will write words on the air and a photographer will capture them. At night, the LED panel will be transformed into a cinema screen, in which the classics inspired by the Brazilian literature ‘Palabra Encantada’ and ‘Língua: Vidas em Português’ will be shown. The panel will also reproduce information about the route of the exhibition with an infographic, the number of people who have passed through the itinerant project and the cities covered.


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