Ensure that everyone has access to justice. This is the mission of Defensoria em Movimento (Defense In Motion), a project of the Public Defender’s Office of the State of Rondônia (DPE-RO), which will run, with a fully equipped truck, several municipalities in the region. Produced by Truckvan, the Mobile Unit was inaugurated on March 26, 2018, in an event open to the public, in the part of the Alternative Space, near Porto Velho Airport.

“It is the fulfillment of an old dream of ours and aims to serve the population in the most distant places, providing legal, integral and gratuitous assistance to the society that is underestimated,” said the Public Defender General of the State of Rondônia, Marcus Edson de Lima.

With 11 meters long and approximately 50 m² of floor space, the mobile unit is air-conditioned and has accessibility, with elevator for people with disabilities and reduced mobility, bathroom with bars of support for wheelchair users, and audiovisual emergency alarm. Internally, the vehicle has a large structure, with four service bays; waiting room for 12 people; private room of hearing / conciliation; microwave, coffee maker and minibar; besides internet.


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