With the aim of offering more practicality and innovation for major events and shows, Truckvan has developed the largest Truck-Stage in the Country.

“In addition to being a Truck-Stage with technology of roof elevation, awnings and complements of floor 100% automated, the mobile unit contemplates a structure with equipment of last generation and references in quality of illumination and sound”, emphasizes Lia Braga, director of Truckvan’s Events Department.

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Compared to a traditional stage with the same dimensions, the Truck-Stage reduces at least 50% of assembly time, in addition to generating a saving of initially 30% in rental costs, depending on the event, and requiring a reduced number of the operation.

The mobile unit is 16 meters long with a stage mouth, 8.5 meters deep and 8 meters of right foot. The cart has energy generators that total 140 KVA and has its own stabilization system at the ground, in addition to supporting 300 kilos per square meter.


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