It is in the DNA of Truckvan to support unlimited projects that are able to provide new knowledge and experiences and positively mark the lives of people. It was with this purpose we developed Journalism Caravan, an initiative of the Group Communicate in partnership with DeMello Consulting to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the communication portal.

The cart was inaugurated on September 6, 2015 in Praça da Sé, in the center of São Paulo, and then circulated, until the end of October, for points in the capital of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

Reporter of Portal Communicate and curator of content of the project, Nathália Carvalho affirms that the Caravan of Journalism was designed to enhance the exercise of the profession, giving society the possibility to know a little more about the area.

“We want to show as many people as possible how journalism works. So we have different contents. including reports that have marked the history of Brazil over the last decades, “explains Nathália.

Among the contents available in the 70 m² of mobile unit floor area are items such as newsstand, two trophies from different editions of the Communicate Prize, historical covers of newspapers and magazines, videos and audios with important articles produced by the national press .

For the founder and CEO of the Communicate Group, Rodrigo Azevedo, the aim of the new project is to show the general public the importance of journalism for the construction of a country, informing events that go down in history and denunciations that help solve problems, for example. “The population, in general, does not understand the importance of journalism and news. This is what we want to change with the Caravan, bringing the best of journalists free to thousands of Brazilians, “says the executive.

For future editions, the itinerant exhibitors to reach new destinations, covering the most diverse areas of the country.


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