Mobile Dressing Room 2



The new Mobile Dressing Room of Truckvan has 2.60 meters in width when closed. When open it is 5.60 meters wide and approximately 40 m² in size.

The vehicle is equipped with a mini-kitchen with cooktop, coffee maker, refrigerator with two doors, bar with cellar, VIP bathroom, full body mirror changer, two racks with PlayStation 3, two 50 “LED TVs, electrical automation and internal furniture that can be changed as each event.

In addition, the mobile unit has roll-on sides that allow the two lateral advancements to be opened in less time and without the need to install support feet, improving the ergonomics of the equipment fitters.

Its structural construction is also differentiated by not having a panel kit, that is, the whole van was built with welded tubes forming the carton and later coated with ACM (aluminum compound) on the outside, eliminating the lower and upper handrails and ensuring a without interference.


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