Big Food Truck



After three years of approval of the law that regulates the street food trade in São Paulo, food trucks are increasingly scattered throughout Brazil. To stand out from such a crowded market, the brothers Claudio Novellino, 45, and Marcus Moitas, 44, decided to innovate and sought out Truckvan to turn a 14-meter-long truck into Big Food Truck, a traveling  fast food with more than 40 m² of floor space. The inauguration of the “biggest food truck in the world”, as they like to call it, was at the Festa do Peão de Americana (SP), which took place from June 9 to 18 in the interior of São Paulo.

“Our ability is to serve up to 2,000 people per hour and deliver the food in a maximum of 5 minutes,” Novellino said.

With 20 years of experience in catering for weddings and graduations, members of Kit Festa Legal intend to vary the menu according to each event, ranging from hot dogs with white German sausages, barbecue and grilled sausage to the traditional mad meat and pork sandwiches and the popular snacks, hairpins, minipizzas, sausages and more than 40 options.

To facilitate the flow of service, the Big Food Truck has a split side door that allows greater movement of people in and out. In addition, the mobile unit has a staff of about 15 attendants and cooks and will give discount, soon, to those who ask for the application.

“In addition to quality, speed and excellence in service, our goal is to promote social inclusion, so we will have elderly employees and wheelchair users in the future and we will also adopt sustainable practices,” concludes the businessman.


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