Biergarten Crystal



To provide  unforgettable experiences and meetings to its consumers in various events all over the country, the Cystal beer of the Petrópolis Group launched the Biergarten Crystal in the 11th Itu Rodeo, which took place between September 6th and 9th of 2017, in the Arena Maeda, in the interior of São Paulo. Produced by Truckvan, the 15-meter cart was transformed into a real bar, complete with ambiance.

The lower floor has a balcony, finished with demolition wood, where, in one side are two modern coffins, with four taps each, in addition to the bar structure with cups, sink and box. Typical tiles of the most funky bars make up the space wall, which also has a blackboard and the draft options available. On the customer side, normal bar structure, with a good space for circulation, high chairs and a counter where they can sit down to enjoy a good draft beer with friends.

On the top floor, a rooftop structure, also set with tables, chairs and umbrellas, from where you can have a very privileged view of the event that is happening. The Biergarten Crystal also has LED TVs, cell phone chargers and popsicles.


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