1,2,3 Pizza do Chef



To attract more customers, a group of four friends from São Paulo invested in a pizza-fueled wood-fired food truck. The 1,2,3 Pizza Chef made his debut in the Luz Station in the 9th Sports Turn in October 2015.

“It is the first food truck in the capital of São Paulo with a Neapolitan wood oven, which guarantees the true flavor of traditional Italian pizza”, emphasizes Luciana Leandro, who works as commercial manager of Information Technology (IT), and decided to bet on this model of business because of the culinary gifts of her husband, the merchant and chef Diogo Oliveira. “It makes exclusive dough with top quality ingredients.”

To set up the restaurant on wheels, they teamed up with a couple of friends, bankers Valéria and Mauro Ceron, and did extensive research work. “As our project was very audacious, we made it a point to meet several manufacturers and close with Truckvan, as it was the most demonstrated knowledge and experience.”

To support the weight of over 600 kilos of the kiln, Truckvan developed a reinforced structure of about 185 kilos with four feet of support with damping system in order to absorb the impact of the movements of the vehicle. “As the wood-fired oven requires a cure time of 15 days, we had to respect this period without making any interference so that the structure of the equipment would not be affected. In addition, we also made an opening on the left side of the food truck to make it easier to ventilate, “explains Romulo Jesus, Truckvan’s commercial food truck manager.

According to Luciana, the wood-burning oven has the capacity to make 100 pizzas of 20 centimeters per hour. “We serve pizzas of muzzarela, calabresa and catupiry with three variations of flavors, always working with the traditional pizza from São Paulo”, ends the owner.


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