January 20, 1992 – Truckvan is born in Vila Guilherme, in the north of São Paulo, as a repair shop for aluminum chests.

1995 – First mobile event unit is delivered for an MTV summer project and Antarctic Brewery.

1996/1997 – Beginning of the industrial manufacture of aluminum chests with its own technology.

2000 – Start of the partnership with Senai for the serial production of mobile units for professional training.

2007/2008 – Delivery of the first mobile units of events 100% manufactured by Truckvan.

2009 – Moving to a new factory in the Parque Novo Mundo neighborhood, with an area four times larger than the first headquarters.

2009 – Truckvan enters the health business on wheels, with the first contract with the City of Manaus.

2010 – Start of the operation of the first phase of the Fernão Dias unit, where the product customization stage was established.

2011/2012 – Expansion of the Fernão Dias plant area, doubling its productive capacity.

2012 – Entry into the market of mobile units for defense and security, providing for the Brazilian Army and Ministry of Justice.

2012 – Creation of the Department of Production and Events, with provision of mobile dressing rooms and production rooms.

2013 – Record in the delivery of mobile units for the areas of health, defense and security, services, events and training: 133.

2014 – Investment in luxury mobile units for the executive transport of personalities and entrepreneurs.

2014 – Investment in the food trucks market, closing the year with 20 models delivered and 10 in production.

2015 – Inauguration of own factory of 6,000 m² in Cumbica, Guarulhos (SP).

2015 – Delivery of the first mobile computed tomography unit manufactured in Brazil.

2015 – Expansion of the production of food trucks, consolidating itself as one of the largest manufacturers in the country.

2016 – Consolidation of the internationalization stage of Truckvan, with participation in events and fairs in several countries.

2016 – Production of the first car-forte.

2017 – In the year it celebrates 25 years, Truckvan becomes distributor of Randon Implementos in Greater São Paulo.

April 2018 – Unification of the three factories in one place of 50 thousand m² in the neighborhood of Bonsucesso, in Guarulhos (SP).


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